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"Integrity, Professionalism and Competence – our ethos"

Capital Portfolio Advisors was set up in 2009 to provide focused investment solutions to a diverse set of clients. Our founder, Mr Paras Adenwala, brings more than 3 decades of experience of working with highly ethical, performance-driven and globally renowned financial institutions. These institutions have grown on strong foundations of core principles and values. We at Capital Portfolio Advisors, have ingrained these values, in our culture.

At Capital Portfolio Advisors, we believe in :

  • Keeping things simple and transparent
  • Respecting and adhering to regulations
  • Focussing on qualitative growth by doing fewer things with finesse
  • Discharging our responsibility towards all stakeholders with integrity, professionalism, and competence


"Longer the experience, the more optimal the results"

Just as the quality of wine betters with ageing, so does investing in equities!! Longer the investing experience, better is the investment discipline and wisdom.

Mr Paras Adenwala has been investing in equities professionally since 1990. Having witnessed numerous business and market cycles, since then, has given him invaluable insights, both in the business world and the markets. He will lead the investment strategy at Capital Portfolio Advisors. His experience in managing a variety of equity and hybrid funds will help in meeting client’s investment objectives.

Solid fundamental investment research will be ably supplemented with technical research, to identify winning ideas. We would aim to identify businesses that could be potential trendsetters, innovators and leaders, with special emphasis on quality of management and financial statements.


"Do fewer things but do them well"

Capital Portfolio Advisors will primarily focus on providing wealth creation solutions through investments in equities and fixed income securities/instruments. Our solutions would primarily revolve around the construction of a direct equity/fixed income portfolio and/or a portfolio of equity or fixed income mutual funds. The approach to solutions would be by evaluating risk first followed by return potential.

The steps in enlisting the services have been kept simple :

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  • Capital Portfolio Advisors 9 Hilife Mall, Ground floor,
    P M. Road, Santacruz West,
    Mumbai – 400054. India.
    Contact No.: +91-22-4010 1827

  • Corresponding SEBI Regional Office Address:
    Securities and Exchange Board of India
    Plot No. C4-A, "G" Block,
    Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East,
    Mumbai – 400051. Maharashtra.